Vivian Welchert is a backroom member and contributor to the SiIvaGunner channel.


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Before making any contributions to the channel, she inspired the Nathaniel Welchert meme (back when she went by the name Nathaniel). Later, she was added to the SiIvaGunner backroom and contributed a few rips. In June 2017, she (presumably) made a series of 3 rips where she communicated with the SiIvaGunner community "from hell" using the WillFromAfar text-to-speech voice, discussing various topics. In "Spider Dance (Genocide Version) - Undertale", she discusses Muffet from Undertale and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure; in "The Hardest Rider - LISA: The Hopeful", she continues talking about the "monster girl" genre; in "Lovely Little Boys - LISA: The Hopeful", she discusses "traps".

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