"voiceless - The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Original Soundtrack" is a high quality composition in The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Original Soundtrack.

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The rip is an original composition made for The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis. It bears a number of similarities in style to "Uncontrollable" from Xenoblade Chronicles X. This is most likely not a coincidence, as Hiroyuki Sawano, the soundtrack's composer, is credited within the Special Thanks.

The instrumental of the song appears in Episode 8 of The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis, when Smol Nozomi fights Angry Joe. The rip's video reflects the sequence and its outcome.

Lyrics Edit

Here I stand alone
No one to see that my life is fading
Lost in time, forgot
Now I will perish unknown
Why is the sky painted gray?
Has the world begun to decay?

Now I cannot shout
Now I cannot scream
Now I'm tearing at the seams
I have lost my words, my consciousness
My thoughts move further away from me
And I cannot think
No, my brain is damned
I just cannot understand
And the world will not see who I am
I beg of you to hear my plea

Oh-ah-oh, oh-ah-oh
I will not hold my tongue
Oh-ah-oh, oh-ah-oh
I will not still my voice

I can't let my vision be blurred
I can't let my path be blocked
I can't let my words remain unheard
I can't let my fight be stopped

I won't let my words remain unheard
I won't let my fight be stopped

Now I have to shout
Now I have to scream
This world isn't as it seems
I have found the way to right these wrongs
My words will cut through this quiet dream
And I have to think
I can't stay my hand
I will make them understand
And the silence pierces through the air
I beg of you, listen to me

Oh-ah-oh, oh-ah-oh
I will never succumb
I will not be voiceless anymore

Description Edit

Composition & Lyrics: dante, wolfman1405, MtH, Chaze the Chat
Vocal: Lea Jaffe
Keyboards & Programming: dante
Guitars & Bass: wolfman1405
Additional Voice: wolfman1405, aiyaaa
Mixing & Mastering: wolfman1405
Video: John DelVecchio, Jasper
Art: Sonicheroesfan1, HugelDude
Special Thanks: SmokyThrill77, trivial171, turdl3, MagnumDongle, Barkley's College of SLAM!, Raisin Bran®, Joe Vargas, and Hiroyuki Sawano

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