"Vote Responsibly!! (How to Vote) - SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament" is a high quality rip of "Vote Responsibly!! (How to Vote)" from SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament.

Content Edit

The video features the host, John Notwoodman, as he provides various information about the event, such as the dates and times the matches would happen and how to vote for the characters.

The soundtrack of the video is an original MIDI composition that incorporates part of the melody to "FIGHTING KING" and uses Microsoft GS Table Wabesynth, the same soundfont as mm2wood.

Transcript Edit

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John NotwoodmanWelcome to the SiIvaGunner King for a Day Tournament!

John NotwoodmanMy name is W- Err.. John Notwoodman, and I'm here to show you how to vote for your favorite characters to win!

[The tournament bracket appears, with John in the bottom left corner.]
John NotwoodmanThe King for a Day Tournament follows a single elimination format with four rounds.

John NotwoodmanEach round has several matches, with Round 1 having 8 matches, Round 2 having 4, the Semi-finals having 2 and the grand final having 1.

[The times and dates of the matches in Rounds 1 and 2 appear over the bracket.]
John NotwoodmanFrom July 29 to August 3rd, there will be two matches per day, with one match at 7PM EST and the other at 7AM EST. Each match lasts 24 hours.

[The times and dates of the matches in the Semifinals appear over the bracket.]
John Notwoodman: When the tournament reaches the semi-finals on the 3rd, matches will be slowed down to one per day, with each match beginning at 7PM EST, and the final match beginning on the 6th!

[The video KING DEDEDE vs. "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC (Round 1, Match 1) - SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament shows, and the link where you vote for the contestant is circled.]
John Notwoodman: The winner will be decided via polls with Google Forms. When a match begins, a video on the SilvaGamerVoutube channel will be published showing who is fighting who.

[The rip zooms in on the circled link, which transitions to one of the polls.]
John Notwoodman: The links to the pots can be found in the video description and they will be open for 24 hours. can vote for the character you want to win in that time.

[The rip shows the "You've already responded" page.]
John Notwoodman: Be careful! Once you lock your vote in, you cannot change it. The winner will be announced when the poll is over.

[The rip then shows the profiles of King Dedede and Weird Al.]
John Notwoodman: The most important part of the tournament is to vote responsibly.

[The part of what types of rips each contestant is zoomed in.]
John Notwoodman: Don't just vote for the character you like the most... Consider the types of rips they have to offer! Sometimes, a character you may not like or care about may have the better music selection!

[The rip shows each contestant's profiles, sliding up.]
John Notwoodman: The character profiles listing what every contestant has to offer is available on Twitter (@giivasunner), so please read them all before casting your vote!

[The rip cuts back to John Notwoodman.]
John Notwoodman: That's all you need to know about how to participate in the King for a Day Tournament. Have fun, and remember to vote responsibly! ...the song hasn't finished playing yet, so I may as well show you all the fighter profiles in this video while the rest of the song plays out.

[The rip then shows the fighter profiles.]

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