"We Won the Case! ~ The First Victory (Beta Mix) - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" is a high quality rip of the beta mix of "We Won the Case! ~ The First Victory" from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Joke Edit

The melody changes to "Komm, süsser Tod" by Arianne Cleopatra Schreiber from Neon Genesis Evangelion at 0:14 and 1:02. At 0:26 and 1:15, the melody again changes to the tune of the h3h3productions' theme song. This is a reference to the lawsuit Ethan and Hila Klein had won against Matt Hosseinzadeh on August 23, 2017.[1]

Trivia Edit

This rip is a direct sequel and closure rip to Pursuit ~ Cornered - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, since both share a game, thematic approach, use the same joke, and that the rip in question was posted a bit after the lawsuit against h3h3productions started, just like this one was posted a bit after they won said lawsuit.

References Edit

  1. "WE WON THE LAWSUIT". h3h3productions. August 23, 2017. YouTube.