"Will of a Knight [Episode 4] - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis" is a lore video and the fourth episode of the SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis event.

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Time stamp Song / track Note
0:00 - 0:21, 1:19 - 1:53 "NYC Streets" from Deus Ex Tense theme.
0:24 - 0:51, 0:59- 1:08 "mm2wood" Wood Man's theme.
1:56 -2:15 "You Haven't Practiced Enough" from Kirby Planet Robobot Plays when another "smol" figure approaches Nozomi.
2:16 - 2:44 "Comrades in Arms" from Kirby Planet Robobot. Plays when Meta Knight reveals himself.
2:46 - 3:08 "Time for Dessert!" from Kirby Planet Robobot. Plays when Meta Knight seems to read Nozomi's mind.
3:12 - 3:52 "Rebooted Destruction" from Kirby Planet Robobot. Plays when Meta Knight Explains who Santa is to Nozomi.
3:55 - 4:28 "Mother's Caption" from Kirby Planet Robobot. Plays when Nozomi heads to sleep for the night.

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Meanwhile, down in the city...

Nozomi was making her way through the crowds in the Smolitzer.

BAM! POW! She was getting pretty used to fighting by now.

Soon enough she reached an abandoned set of storage garages.

She was getting kinda tired... and hungry!
Maybe there was some food in there.

Like barbecue--
Nozomi always loved a good barbecue.

Too tired to go on, Nozomi decided to hop out of the Smolitzer and looked for a place to rest.

???...haha! You fool!

Nozomi turned around to see a portly robot, beating his chest.

???watch out cause I'm totally about to kill you dude
for I am the strongest and nicest robot master in the game... Wood Man!

Wood Man beat his chest a few more times before conjuring up some giant leaves from thin air, which started to fly around him like a tornado.

Wood Manthis is my leaf shield. it blocks any attack and is REALLY powerful.
you better brace yourself Nozomi cause this... is gonna hit HARD

With a flick of his wrist, Wood Man sent the leaves flying toward Nozomi...
...and they harmlessly hit her face. Nozomi brushed them off in annoyance.

Wood Manuhh...shit

Wood Manokay Nozomi I have prepared a secret attack for you.
it's called: me about to punch you in the fucking face

Wood Man lunged forward and tried to punch Nozomi...
...but his arm fell off.

Wood Manokay this is fucking bullshit lmao

Wood Man picked up his arm and stopped fighting Nozomi.

Wood Manyknow I'm honestly not cut out for this whole 'fighting' thing.

Wood ManI just wanna make stupid jokes on the internet tbh but the Voice is all like "kill nozomi"

Wood Manand that, my friend, is not nice

Wood Man sighed in defeat as Nozomi looked at him, slightly confused.

Wood Manyknow what fuck it I'm just gonna quit working for the Voice.
he's kind of a dick.

Wood Manbut you're not exactly the coolest either Nozomi
I'm gonna get even with you one day, man.

Wood Mannice

Wood Man screwed his arm back on and walked away, muttering to himself.
What a strange encounter.

Wood Man...couldn't even get my own origin story right... pretty sure it was june and not july...

???Nozomi! Are you alright?

From out of nowhere came a deep voice.

Just when Nozomi thought the encounters were over, she tried to locate the source of the sound and spotted another figure perched atop the garages.

Just as smol as she was, the figure was a short, blue creature wearing a mask with yellow eyes, shrouded in a cape.

The figure jumped down to meet Nozomi, surprising her.

???Nozomi... this is a pretty dangerous place. You'll need some backup...

???My name is Meta Knight. I am a swordsman of the highest degree...
...but alas, my backstory would take too long to explain in what little time we have.

Meta KnightListen, Nozomi. The Voice already knows that you've somehow evaded capture.

Meta KnightLoud Nigra is somewhere out in the streets, too, possibly injured.

Meta KnightMost of your other friends have been captured and are being held captive in the Voice's tower, over there in the distance.

Nozomi was a bit confused at all this information being dumped at once on her...

Meta KnightOh... you look confused. I understand this is a lot to take in...
...wait a second, are you hungry?

Nozomi was baffled: Meta Knight could read her like a book somehow!

Meta KnightThere is no time to be stuffing your face in times of crises like this, I'm afraid.

Nozomi frowned as Meta Knight turned to see the Smolitzer.

Meta KnightIs this... YOUR robot?

Nozomi nodded.

Meta KnightHeh... it reminds me of someone.

Meta KnightAlright, Nozomi, I know someone who can help us...

Meta KnightSanta Claus. Yes, that's right. He's currently a huge target for the Voice's attacks, for reasons I do not know yet.

Meta KnightAn assault on his workshop is planned at approximately three-o'-clock<br
 />—we have to stop it!

Meta Knight waddled up to the Smolitzer and placed his hand on it.

Meta KnightThe Halberd might be out of commission for now, but by the looks of these thrusters, this robot should be able to get us to the North Pole.

Nozomi tilted her head in confusion.
She wasn't quite sure whether she was prepared...

Meta KnightGet some rest. These abandoned garages should be safe.

Meta KnightBut I must leave for now. Time stops for no knight.

Meta KnightWe will meet again.

Meta Knight flicked his cape, and just like that... he was gone.
He was quite the mysterious figure...

Nozomi got into the Smolitzer and parked it in one of the empty garages.

Inside was a conveniently placed old mattress.
Guess it was time to call it quits for the day...

Whoosh! The sound of a fleeting cape dashed past her ears, and a flash of blue whisked past her eyes.

Suddenly, in front of the mattress, was a steaming pile of barbecued meat.

Nozomi was confused. Where did this food come from?

She didn't think for too long and started to eat. Delicious...


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