wood man's very nice album ...feat. mega man, i guess is a high quality album released by Wood Man. The album features rips related to the Mega Man franchise and edits of mm2wood.

It was announced through the announcement video "A MEGANNOUNCEMENT" (YouTube Icon.png)

Track list[edit | edit source]

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "IN 201X, A SUPER BAND NAMED μ'S WAS CREATED" SmokyThrill77 00:41
2. "Wood Man Fusion Collab" Wood Man and the Very Nice Robot Masters 16:29
3. "mm2wood.nsf" Matsu Muhō 01:19
4. "Bat Man Selects a Stage" Matsu Muhō 00:33
5. "El Pogo My Way ~ The Local Village Mariachi Band Took A Huge Nosedive After Hiring Wood Man" SmokyThrill77 02:09
6. "bk64wood" Zoom Guy 01:18
7. "There I made an underjoke now give me likes" SoundSync5000 02:01
8. "mm9concrete" Niko+ 01:50
9. "Its the same exact song" The Duane 01:12
10. "Quail Man Stage" The Duane 01:55
11. "I Believe in Wood" The Duane 01:23
12. "ウッドマン(ライブ)" wolfman1405, trivial171, MagnumDongle, CaptTrueblood, and ExoticManDancer 01:21
13. "Initial Metal" SoundSync5000 01:23
14. "Crash Man Dies from Falling 2 Inches" SoundSync5000 00:59
15. "It's Gonna Be Me(ga Man)" toonlink 01:35
16. "Aquarium Wood" Suneel Gurpur 02:34
17. "you reposted in the wrong wood" MtH 01:37
18. "roRmonsoon.mid" Chaze the Chat 01:19
19. "mm2slam.mid" MtH 01:19
20. "Wood Man in the House" SmokyThrill77 01:21
21. "sp2griz.mid" Akfamilyhome 00:50
22. "mm2egg" Chobobo1 01:19
23. "Wood Field - Mega Man's Soccer [2A03]" Matsu Muhō 02:21
24. "Spin it, boys!" Generii 02:10
25. "Collision Man" Chaze the Chat 01:41
26. "Having a Bad Time in Heat Man's Stage" ingx24 02:14
27. "wood savior" wheel able 02:10
28. "yall thought this was code lyoko but in reality its the pain and suffering millions of poor fake djs experience every day in 10 dan" deogenerate 00:48
29. "Jazz Man 2 - Wood Man's Stage" Matsu Muhō and Swegner Remixes 01:27
30. "pmtvmami.mid" MtH 00:39
31. "the nice zephyr" ivan>:/ 01:07
32. "mm2xmas" vince94 00:44
33. "Star Soldier W" deogenerate 02:32
34. "mm2slide" Chobobo1 01:19
35. "mm2familyguy" SmokyThrill77 01:19
36. "Soulja Eyes" toonlink 01:08
37. "Do Not" toonlink 03:12
38. "Pirate Prelude" deogenerate 01:34
39. "Flintman 4 Minus Halation" Matsu Muhō 00:41
40. "Green Battleship Gradinyes" deogenerate 02:25
41. "mm2haltmann" trivial171 01:20
42. "Ring Man vs. Cut Man vs. Flutter vs. The Gesellschaft" Matsu Muhō 04:14
43. "ssRcollide.mid" Chaze the Chat 01:19
44. "mm2pingas" Suneel Gurpur 01:19
45. "Go Go Gadget Select Screen" SoundSync5000 00:31
46. "Nutshack and Chill" Matsu Muhō 01:00
47. "spmp2.fish" Marrow 02:59
48. "WoodGB" Scooblee 02:22
49. "bw2wood, now as a full version" Kirbio 01:12
50. "Joke: Original track sucks so here's mm2wood run through SD-90 instead" Suzumi Kuzu 01:19
51. "mc2minecraft" Twonko 01:24
52. "Pirate Dad's Stage" Matsu Muhō 01:21
53. "Cena's Cold Highway" SmokyThrill77 01:38
54. "mm2bloodlines" Xarlable 01:58
55. "mm2pac" andres 00:32
56. "Stage 1 & 6 (Lmao oops the original rip had half a beat missing every other measure but its ok because no one mentioned it and its woodman so who cares its fixed here so it doesnt matter no worry mix) - Batman: Return of the Joker" The Duane 01:27
57. "christmas man haha yes (:ok: :joy:)" Skiff 00:32
58. "Death b-WALUIGI TIME!" SoundSync5000 02:28
59. "mm2jojo" wolfman1405 01:20
60. "Richter Belmont's Too Quick, Man" SoundSync5000 01:23
61. "Proof of Halation" SmokyThrill77 00:57
62. "A Flashing Meme Medley" SoundSync5000 01:26
63. "Choose A Player" The Duane 00:57
64. "dk64helm.mid" ingx24 01:19
65. "Galaxy N. Gin" Lenox 02:00
66. "nicecycle" trivial171 01:46
67. "mm2wood" xDEFCONx 05:22
68. "Drifting Holiday" imelectronik 03:26
69. "cf9am" toonlink 01:24
70. "mm2wily.mid" Sonicheroesfan1 01:07
71. "gerudo man" Ahmaykmewsik 03:10
72. "wood drum rhumba" Twonko 01:07
73. "Woodeneye 002" SmokyThrill77 01:31
74. "Challenging Flash Man" SoundSync5000 00:52
75. "Have you heard of the underground cult hit series, "Mega Man"?" Dirty Spaceman 00:32
76. "Lost Woods Man" toonlink 01:40
77. "mm2crank" Zoom Guy 01:21
78. "WoodShack.EXE" MonoGiraffe 01:38
79. "Nice Robot's Fountain" toonlink 01:27
80. "Is This Loss" SoundSync5000 02:10
81. "mm2misha" wheel able 01:25
82. "Trail on Konayuki" deogenerate 02:43
83. "Smooth (this is actually how Santana sounds now)" wolfman1405 01:19
84. "Death by Flash Man (Obligatory Full Version)" SoundSync5000 02:12
85. "mm2wood.mid run through GXSCC" Barney Rubble 01:18
86. "mm2rap.mid" Trofflesby 07:28
87. "mm3select" Roy Man, Mecha Weebshit Man, Grampa Man, Taiyaki Man, Skopio Man, and the Robot Masters 02:07:37

Bonus media[edit | edit source]

In addition to the cover, several images and a .gif file were included in the album:

Three MIDI files were also included in the album:

  • "mm2slam"
  • "pmtvmami"
  • "REPOST"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The album was "patched" on August 23[1], with the following notes:

Fixed track 6 (BK64WOOD)
  "Death by Flashman" (Track 84)
  "Spmp2.fish" (Track 47)
  All new nice bonus items

    • The patch:
      • Fixed the "bk64wood" track (which was previously a duplicate of "sp2griz.mid")
      • Added "Death by Flashman", "Spmp2.fish"
      • Added several bonus images (previously only the MIDI files were included in the album)

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References[edit | edit source]

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