"Working in the Zone ~ Taco Zone - SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament" is a high quality rip of "Working in the Zone ~ Taco Zone" from SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament.


This rip is dedicated to the Wario Bros., who in the King for a Day Tournament represent rips from Wario games, Waluigi-related rips, and rips from Mario sports games. The rip begins with Waluigi cackling and saying, "Time for Waluigi!" After that, the song proper begins, opening with a section that is primarily based on "RED ZONE" by tatsh and NAOKI, with a bassline modeled on the one from "Waluigi Pinball" from Mario Kart DS. Starting 0:16, "Waluigi Pinball" becomes more prominent as other parts of its melody are incorporated into the track. At 0:27, Waluigi says "Oh yeah!" Starting at 1:17, an instrument in the background plays "Sandstorm". At 1:49, we hear another part of "RED ZONE", and the intro to "Running in the 90's" by Max Cover can be heard, at first very faintly, but gradually growing louder. Most of the instruments stop, and we hear a Waluigi "WAH" before the main melody of "Running in the 90's" kicks in. At 2:11, Waluigi shouts, "WATCH OUT FOR ME!", and the melody combines "Running in the 90's" and "Waluigi Pinball" into one, as Waluigi cackles and says "Oh yeah!" in the background. At 2:24, "RED ZONE" and "Sandstorm" are combined with the other two melodies. At 2:47, we hear a "WAH!"

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