"YTPMV++ ANNOUNCEMENT" is the high quality announcement video for the album The SiIvaGunner YTPMV Collab (Eek!).veg.

Content Edit

The video begins in The Tower with the Voice at a Haltmann Works "company rented" PC. The Voice is looking at YouTube Poop Music Videos (YTPMVs), which he notes are similar to high quality rips. The Voice proceeds to download Sony Vegas. He clicks on the Keygen included in it and notes that the music is EPIC. The Voice enters a nirvana of EPICness, flashing colors while the word "EPIC" appears in front of him. As the Voice experiences EPICness, the endcard appears and displays the album cover with screenshots of Sony Vegas's interface in it.

The YTPMV that The Voice watches is CyberMelon's "Big Ass Chocobo". The song that first plays in the background is the music used for Team PARADOX's Keygen for "Discreet 3DS Max 7", also known as "Scrambled Mind" by Heartbeat. At 0:41, the song is a "Meet the Flintstones" edit of "[YTP] The King Downloads Sony Vegas".

The announcement video itself is a parody of "The King Downloads Sony Vegas".

Transcript Edit

The Voice: "What in the heck are even these videos? I mean, they're very similar to high quality video game rips... but not quite. I wonder if we could make those too.

Oh God, they use Sony Vegas for this stuff. I wonder if people use it for anything other than these videos. Hm..."

The Voice: [begins typing] "Okay, time to see if I can get Sony Vegas to run on this company rented laptop. There we go. Oh God. This. Is. EPIC. Oh."

Video description Edit

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I'm not a High Quality Ripp'er. My goal is towards learning music and eventually making my own content with what I like (in this case YTPMVs). I'm still studying how music works and this is what I can do so far, so to all the high quality rip followers out there: Please stop following my videos, cause I'm not interested in making Flintstone music with your rules you set up on how to make High Quality Rips. Also I'd appreciate if you guys would lay off YTPMVers in the comment section, cause these are made for them and not for people who doesn't like YTPMVs.

So I wanted to do "The We'd Probably Go Down Inside The Sex With Big Blue 8bit Aritificial Intelligence Intensive Fast Track To The Take Me RiverGartenRoomscan My Emotions Baby Skrillex Dynblade Zerd_01_ZONE Symphony (Eek!)... And Land Like a Burned Red Green Butterfly SKIES Vs STRONGEST Masked Blaster Smurf Masters Collab (yamas03 reupload)" and finished this instead. This is something I trial and error'ed with and ended up doing the whole thing, just to show myself that I can still finish a full album. Probably not my best idea, but hey, at least I'm still doing stuff.

Other songs I'm thinking of doing: DK Rap (OST Version), Chipp's Theme, Slider and maybe a full version of Pause Screen.

I'll probably start on new stuff as I find the motivation for them. Until then lots of love for all the YTPMVers out there. I love you all! :3
-The Voice

P.S. Similar to past albums, please do not purchase this album: Any sales will go towards free download credits, go back into the channel, or donated to charity.



Trivia Edit

  • This video was uploaded on the day of Xarlable's birthday. Xarlable is a well-known YTPMVer.
  • The description is an edited copypasta of YTPMVer rabies bun claiming he is not a YTPMVer.
  • The Voice somehow types underneath the table instead of using the keyboard.
  • This is the second appearance of the Voice following his eviction from his office in "Timbre of a Kazoo". The first was "Pause - Garry's Mod".
  • The collab the Voice references in the description is an amalgamation of several commonly used YTPMV source names and jokes:
    • Big Blue
    • Artificial Intelligence Bomb
    • Intensive Care Unit
    • Fast Track to Brown Town
    • Take Off and Land
    • Riverside
    • Garten
    • Roomscan (Shuric Scan)
    • Rock My Emotions
    • Kill Me Baby
    • Skrillex
    • White Wing Dynablade
    • Zerd_01
    • Red Zone
    • Stickerbrush Symphony
    • The Penis (Eek!)
    • It Burns Burns Burns!
    • Red green blue 4
    • Danced Like a Butterfly
    • Show Time Under Leaden Skies
    • (vs) Masked Dedede
    • Dinner Blaster
    • Metal Beat (Metal Masters)
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