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Your Onii-Chan's Favorite Rips! is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner. It was posted for Albert Softie's birthday and contains rips referencing "irony" by ClariS (a.k.a. the opening of the "imouto" anime series Oreimo), "Careless Whisper" by George Michael, the anime series Pupa, and various other rips making fun of Albert Softie.

It was released with the announcement video "An ironic Announcement".


The album's name and cover art are references to Triple-Q's second album: Your Onii-Chan's Favorite Mashups! published in February 8, 2012.[1][2]

Your Onii-Chan's Favorite Mashups.jpg

Track list

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No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Onii-Chan..." turdl3 3:00
2. "Onii-chan... (Remix)" MtH 3:34
3. "My Dr. Eggman Can't Be This Evil!" SmokyThrill77 4:18
4. "Careless Layton" reason 3:20
5. "Onii-chan... I won... but at what cost?" Douk Nouk Kem 2:10
6. "America's Still Alive" Stella ♥ -prod. MtH- 2:56
7. "Dragonwhisper Tower" Chaze the Chat 1:09
8. "Onii-chan's Dirge" Matsu Muhō 1:26
9. "ClariS - irony -SiIvaGunner ver-" MtH 1:36
10. "I'd Like To Teach Super Mario World To Sing (featuring George Michael and Max Profitt Haltmann from the Kirby Series)" SmokyThrill77 1:30
11. "if sex is so good then why isn't there a" KnightOfGames 1:43
12. "Slider-Chan..." Chaze the Chat 1:17
13. "To Catch an AQAP Rip" Senn 0:45
14. "Whispers in the Icirruins HD" Sonicheroesfan1 1:39
15. "Oops!...I Ripped It Again" MtH 2:52
16. "irony" dante 0:39
17. "Changing Boo" Chaze the Chat 5:41
18. "Tell My Sister" MtH 3:00
19. "Careless Mac" The Duane 0:56
20. "Onii-chan's Secret" trivial171 2:48
21. "BGM #04 - Simple DS Series Vol. 1 - The Mahjong" MtH 2:25
22. "Kyun! Vampire Girl (Sega Genesis Remix) [Unfinished]" Nebulous Transition 0:30
23. "Crank Dat Irony" Avolience 4:15
24. "Onii-Nut..." Chaze the Chat 1:34
25. "Hasegawa Dream" MtH 1:57
26. "Careless Fountain" toonlink 1:48
27. "WHAM!tana (Fuckin' Bustin the Nut Before You Manage to Pull Out Mix)" wolfman1405 5:01
28. "Ironic Love" Chaze the Chat 4:15
29. "High Quality Trip" Haruka Amami 1:36
30. "Sunyshoreimo" MtH 2:41
31. "kyousuke rocks kirino's body for 3 minutes.wav" Nikki+ 2:49
32. "Oneko-chan..." muteKEY 1:12
33. "My Older Sister Can't Be This Airheaded!" Avolience 1:29
34. "Planet Onii-Chan..." Chaze the Chat 1:42
35. "Kirby Planet Turretbot" turdl3 0:48
36. "How ironic is it that Arle and Ringo form a relationship after talking for like 5 minutes" Scribblenaut19 2:12
37. "My Little Adam Levine Can't Be This Cute!" Chaze the Chat 4:17
38. "My Little Sister, a Genius Scientist, and Some Girl Singing Along to an iDOLM@STER Song Can't Be This Cute!" Monotonemonkey 5:47
39. "My Dr. Eggman Can't Be This Evil! (Inverse)" SmokyThrill77 4:22
40. "You Will See The Tears of Time, Onii-Chan (Theme of Refusing to Pay Neil Sedaka's Estate For Us Rewriting His Song So We Never Use It Ever)" yodooder 1:27
41. "Careless Dream (It's the end of the world, Onii-chan...)" Chaze the Chat 2:52
42. "Even though I love you more than anything else, Onii-chan.." MtH 4:43


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