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Zero Grand Prix is an album posted during the Monochrome Pause by Wood Man. This consists of the entire soundtrack of F-Zero, specifically the ones posted during the April Fools' Day 2017 event.

The album was announced through the video "FALCON ANNOUNCEMENT".

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "this album presented by rare" Prims Sdfghjkl 0:11
2. "zEEEYYYYm" Zoom Person 0:05
3. "JUST START THE RACE ALREADY" trivial171 1:06
4. "bike city" wheel able 2:38
5. "Big Blue (Alternate Music)" Matsu Muhō 2:36
6. "7 Sand Dad" Trofflesby 1:20
7. "Нет Wind" Trofflesby 1:03
8. "Top Zero" Blue Fairy 4:03
9. "THIS ISN'T TWO MINUTES OF SILENCE WTF fucking kill yourselves I actually mean that put your head under the wheel of your mom's car and hit the gas" yodooder 1:30
10. "simian select" wheel able 1:06
11. "Of Devious Accelerations" SmokyThrill77 2:28
12. "White Neverland" toonlink 2:08
13. "Harder to Port Man" Chaze the Chat 2:11
14. "II White Land Dad" Prims Sdfghjkl 0:53
15. "The better version of Fire Field because you expected something else" Sonicheroesfan1 2:12
16. "struck by hecking lightning" wheel able 0:07
17. "A Thrilling Ending" trivial171 1:06
Hidden track
18. "mm0mute" wheel able 0:40

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